Your Dream is not Enough!

By: Abimbola Adewole

Abraham Lincoln will forever be a great example of a man that attempted a particular course several times and finally got it to the highest position in the land but have you asked yourself, was there an alternative while he was pushing for the office of the US president. Yes!

I came across a neighbor of yesteryears that had a beautiful dream to play for the NBA, knowing full well that he has all the qualities to be better than Kobe Bryant.

My growing up was almost the story of 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes, where my mother will hawk drugs, bring home cash before dinner. Believe me, Psalm 23:5 was never applied to me. There was no food or table prepared before me and the only oil available was the groundnut oil we marginally used to make concussion rice… My NBA and other friends all grew up this way in the slum of Maroko, Lagos State, Nigeria.

The Lagos state government administered by Brigadier General Raji Alagbe Rasaki ordered the evacuation of everybody, demolished all buildings, leveled it and brought the Oniru’s to lord over it. This is the place, we call Lekki today. It’s fresh in my head how two elderly family men committed suicide and families went in disarray without compensation from Lagos State government to date.

We all went our separate ways but we kept our dreams alive, with the hope that one day we will meet again and share good stories. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak with a few of my friends and see how far God can make our wishes. Just three made the dream alive, two diverted to something else and we are all happily married, except the NBA neighbor. He shared how he dropped out of school to pursue his basketball career, he traveled to African countries for trial and came back to Nigeria frustrated at 40 years, without a family or anything to fall back on.

It is a good feeling to dream and see it happen, but Whatever your dream in life, please make sure you create an alternative dream because we live in a highly competitive world where fish will always fish and only the ‘grace’ can take you to that line.

Follow your dream, get educated and acquire at least three skills, just in case you will need it.




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