The tears of an Old Woman

Dear Mayor Bill De Blasio,

Please Stop the Sale of our HDFC Low-Income Coop-Building!!!

In the Name of Justice for the Older Women of Harlem

It was never my intent to allow my personal troubles to arrive at your desk, but, in my hour of need, where else might I turn dear Mayor, if not to you? As a supporter of your open-minded agenda and second-term directive to claim New York City, “the fairest big city in America,” I am drawn in by your hopeful pledge.  Yet, alas, here I am writing to you, in the wee hours of the morning, when all else has failed, in search of JUSTICE, to safeguard my home and protect my severely handicapped daughter.

The Southern Bankruptcy Court of New York, together with New York City’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) as signatory, is set to repudiate my civil rights forever more, as did the Supreme Court, in my hard fought battle to save our home, my severely handicapped daughter and me.  Instead of opening their hearts, the Court that is also supposed to provide justice for me too, an abused black woman, has chosen to instead side with the criminality predatory lenders used to gain possession of the building in an ongoing dispute, for over a decade. I was and still am fighting to save one of the city’s premier/most precious affordable HDFC-sponsored low-income cooperative properties that a group of seniors, including myself, have called home for thirty-eight blessed (38) years.

The property, 477 West 142nd Street, is centrally situated on Alexander Hamilton Estates in the heart of Harlem.

I am fighting to deny the criminal lender, Madison Park Investors, a.k.a. 477 West 142nd St Funding LLC, a.k.a Amsterdam Key Associates LLC from taking over the property which they have sunk into foreclosure in 2009 by an illegal first mortgage loan of just $650,000, and today are about walk away with a piece of property valued at $7million.

I am fighting for fair and reasonable re-organization buyout/payouts that will also benefit poor black elderly women by recognizing them as deserving a share of the profits.  Yet in America’s fairest city today, we elderly black women remain invisible. We are treated as though we don’t exist, that we don’t have needs and will simply fade away into oblivion. Our concerns are simply left unaddressed in today’s Bankruptcy Court, where we are referred to as “nasty women” for standing up for our rights/entitlements in a system that is known to be immoveable, and, undeniably, favors upper class men, over others.

I stand alone in the mighty fight against fraudulent lenders. I was never a party to the loan. I never approved the loan (nor was I ever informed there was a loan in the works) from day one and have been victimized by its intention to get rid of my beloved daughter and me. So you can see dear Mayor, as a Pro-Se elder, access to the levers of the power within our courts, have, without doubt, rebuffed me. For as previously stated, the courts are heavily skewed in favor of the wealthy and privileged, as well as those in cahoots with this establishment.

The outcome of the above mentioned phenomenon, at the time of this writing, on this very day, is that under the jurisdiction of the Honorable Judge, Sean H. Lane, together with his appointed Trustee, Gregory Messer ESQ., who will walk away with a $500,00.00 check, the United States Bankruptcy Court, for the Southern District Of New York, has unconscionably moved to transfer ownership of the aggrieved property, without formal notice to tenants, away from the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD), the largest municipal housing preservation and development agency in the nation (case no: 15-12178 SHL, Southern District of New York),into the hands of  the very same predatory lender and corporate and neighborhood team that defrauded us. The very same fraudulent lender, who admittedly imposed unfair and abusive loan terms, pressuring all the tenants, with exception of me, to unwittingly leave, or accept their deceptive, coercive, exploitative and unscrupulous demands for having taken out a loan, without notice, that our building, not only couldn’t afford, but that wasn’t sufficient to meet our needs.

In addition, there is a great deal of confusion surrounding the sale of the property, the amount of debt and generated income, as well as the financial status of the building and its mysterious buyer’s frequent aliases, corporate name changes and reorganizations of the same predatory entity.

The same entity that hired front men to actively bribe and besiege tenants, while coercing us to illegally sign punishing documents, under duress, which confirm our selfhood untrustworthy by the removal of our own sacred civil rights. In other words, because I attempted to bravely seek that to which I am lawfully entitled, as the woman, who saved this once abandoned building from ruin, turning it into affordable housing, where, for the first time, young mothers, in need, with children, could afford to buy) for $250.00) and maintain a home of their own, until greedy developers showed up, seeking and succeeding, to rid themselves of the women to whom the building now belonged. And, yes, I kept the building alive by my own sweat equity, for others to profit off my labor and grace.

It’s a horrific story, akin to slavery, that will be told and when told, will spark the same outrage of today’s unfolding stories of corruption.

So please Mayor De Blasio, please be true to your word, Make New York City the fairest City in the world again, by standing with my broken heart and home, which now rests in your hand and is pleading with you, begging you to, to intervene in the name of the people, in the name of justice, by insisting that the Court and HPD immediately desist and stay the order granting clearance of the sale of this property until the case is properly investigated and reassessed.

Dear Mayor Bill De Blasio, please, do not ignore; do not accept the improprieties that surround this case, take heed in the lock up of the predator’s lawyer, Nathaniel McLeon (which took place in Tingling’s Courtroom). McLeon was summarily arrested and convicted of misleading/lying to the Court, identity theft, posing as a lawful acting attorney, and for falsifying papers in a money-making scheme with two others, with who he partnered; Conflict of Interest by the Honorable Judge Milton Tingling, who held the fate of our building in his decision making. With all due respect, the Honorable Judge should have recused himself, given his dual role as a sitting member, or soon be one, of the West Harlem Development Corporation Board of Directors, an entity which also maintains jurisdiction over 477 West 142nd Street.

But, The Honorable Supreme Court Judge pursued foreclosure. How do you explain this Judge’s refusal instead of suspending foreclosure to help the seniors secure another first mortgage against the building’s equity, when the Court had the power to do so and the debt was manageable?

How do you explain Judge Lane’s court ruling to grant the property to the predatory-lender out of the many proposals brought forth without questioning the merit of their supposed proprietary claim of being owed $2.1million on a loan of just $650,000?  How do you explain the Trustee, Gregory Messer, walking away with more than $500,000 in fees?  How do you explain so many uncontested monetary awards, increasing the debt two-fold, thereby placing the property out of reach?  How do you explain large sums of money changing hands, while the shareholders/tenants are given only a short shrift tenancy deal, denying their rights as claimants? How do you explain that the Judge, because of my defiance, rescinding any offer other shareholders were previously made, rejecting every claim I filed, and now threatening to evict me and my handicapped daughter over a $16,000 unpaid bill post-bankruptcy?

The court record clearly states that 38-years have passed with relative grace, since I brought out the abandoned property from the City of New York Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) to serve women and children in need of affordable housing.  The record will also show how much of my own money I spent to maintain the building when other shareholders could not pay.

The moral of the story is simple, when a black woman doesn’t have money, she cannot be avenged in a rigged Court system, where one is made to be dependent, and without money to pay extraordinary legal fees, and you lose.  Still, even though, I tried to buck the solid legal chain stacked against me with no money to pay an attorney, at a time when the Supreme Court could have used its power to award me equal rights to my own property.

Again, dear Mayor Bill de Blasio, Please, stop this land transfer, effective immediately. The fairest city of all must support our right to remain at home, the only home known to my daughter, where she is comfortable here. Don’t let us be bullied/shamed out of our home. I beg you to please NOT to approve this land transfer without transparency or put a hold to the sale before the case is terminated.

Please, please, I plead with you, please, place this illegal transfer on hold, effective immediately! Do it for us not as a favor, but in the name of JUSTICE.

Twice the courts have failed us. Deceptions and lies played themselves out before the Honorable Judge, Milton A. Tingling in his Courtroom at the New York State Supreme Court, even though the Honorable Judge was fully aware of the illegal tactics used by the predatory lenders, as stated in Court papers, including the subversive actions of Mr. Nathaniel McLeon, the attorney on file for the loan which was incorrectly acquired for $650,000.00 by one of our shareholders at a time in 2007 when the property’s market value was worth over three million dollars.

 A brief history: sometime, in “2014” the court’s issued a judgment giving the property away (Auction sale) to Madison Park Investors, who then renamed its entity, “477 West 142nd Street Funding Corporation LLC”, a corporate name, oddly resembling that of our building’s corporate name, “477 West 142nd Street HDFC, adding confusion to an already beleaguered situation. Then today, 477 West 142nd Street Funding Corporation LLC, again renamed itself as the Amsterdam Key Associates. Did you ever?

The court record clearly states that 38-years have passed with relative grace, since Queen Mother brought out the abandoned property from the City of New York Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) to serve women and children in need of affordable housing,

In addition, it is clear that the appointed trustee and those working with him continued to act with impunity, obviously prejudiced against shareholders and in favor of the predatory lender and his clan. In so doing, the debt of this once sweet building increased twofold, with supposed officers of the Court billing hundreds of thousands of dollars to benefit themselves, without concern that property debt increase of $500,000, leaving no money to pay other secured creditors, of which I am one, and put the property out of reach of other interested buyers.
My story, dear Mayor Bill De Blasio, which you know only too well, is just one among hundreds of black elderly Harlem women’s stories – still, I beseech you to stand up for my cause, to stand with me and my community today by staying the final sale of 477 West 142nd Street, until justice is served and until the fear of black elderly women losing our share in the American Dream has been put to rest.   (As an aside – there was one good moment when justice was served at the New York City Housing Court, an important component of the city’s unified Court system, when the predatory lender, once again falsified claims, in yet another harassment/ attempt to defame me with eviction. The outcome of the case was so poignantly evident that even Judge Gonzalez (known for granting evictions) had no choice but to dismiss the spurious claims as having been entered without merit.

Thank you, Mr Mayor in advance for your kind attention.  I ask God for blessings for you and your lovely family.

Queen Mother, Dr.Delois Blakely



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