By: Onyenwe Greatman

This article is aimed at giving us an insight on how the future unemployment in Africa has affected us Africans in growth, technology, and socioeconomic wise. On this article, we need to be looking at what unemployment will cause if we cannot battle it now because it has become a menace in our contemporary society today. Unemployment is cancerous no matter the level of development even in Europe, Asia, America and all over the world. The menace of future unemployment will lead Africa to modern re-colonization whereby most Africans will seek for greener pastures overseas leaving the resources here in Africa redundant. Unemployment should not be regimented to an office or white collar job. Unemployment is the inability to gainfully engage in a venture i.e work that gives you money, it could be agro-related or whatever but it has to be legitimate.

Unemployment will continue to stir us in the face in Africa as far as there is political instability which attracts socio-economic problems across all strata of the society. Violence and arms struggle has been the lots of Africa and has stubbornly refused to be abated which remain the albatross of socio-economic development of Africa. If the Eastern part of Africa is getting out of refugee problem today, the Western, Northern or Southern region gets into it. There are illegal immigrants all over the place giving rise to population explosion and socio-economic problems. Unemployment in Africa may not have a future until nations of Africa intensify efforts in health – care agricultural integration, social welfare like it’s done in Western countries, industrialization, free or relaxed immigration laws, a creation of avenues for an acquisition of skills and education, eradication of obnoxious traditions and customs that limits people etc

The unemployed in Africa should no longer wait for any employer. Once you have confidence in yourself. You can be self-employed but that is not yet the case, the future of unemployment in Africa shall remain bleak until we begin to look inwards, creative, innovative and resilient. Africans are exceptionally laid back because of ineptitude and ignorance. You don’t have to wait until eternity before you think of what to do. Africa should not wait for technology transfer anymore. We should get out of our comfort zone and begin to explore the abundance of opportunities scattered all over Africa. It’s high time Africa changed its mindset about the menace of unemployment in Africa.



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