By: Gbenga Olarinde.

The federal republic of Nigeria is one of the heterogeneous countries in West Africa bordering Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, while Niger in the north. Standard, Nigeria is a doubly blessed nation ranging from abundant natural resources, rich culture and beautiful people. It was said to be the land flowing with milk and honey, and the giant of Africa. But since the gain of independence from the British colonialists, the government has experienced quite a lot of issues which formed the negative character of the present government. That is where the curse originated.

Before the company Shell discovered crude oil River state in 1958 the country’s means of survival and income through export is Agriculture. The insight of this discovery, the need for crude of then made the nation, Nigeria became the most exporting African country. But instead of the government diversifying, working in hand with other sectors, however, crude oil export became the major product which leads to other sectors undeveloped and neglected. Yet he said “black gold” could not be refined in its land due to the inability and of the government. However, reduced the strength of the nation’s currency.

Furthermore, one would think to be a rich country, the citizens and their lifestyle will be comfortable but it is plainly the other way. Despite all the country’s land flowing with milk and honey thing since 1958 when the crude oil was discovered, the country still has no place in the top 20 list of the world richest countries. However, the government is the main cause of its present situation. Presently the rates of unemployment in the economy are at the highest level due to the undeveloped and neglected sectors.

Presently, bribery and corruption are the main cankerworms eating deep in the country’s fabric, and the reason for this predicament is the government. Instead for a government for the people, it has become the government for the pocket. There are no other sectors working perfectly which leads to frustration, high level of crime rate, unemployment, yet the present government said they are changing the change. The government of this nation is indeed a curse.

In conclusion, citizens have been living with these from generation to generation hoping for a better government, casting their votes to change all change but nothing seems to be true since the journey of 57 years, which has however led to the addictiveness to whatever climate the comets their way. Strike, rioting pleading has become the normal way of life the country. Every citizen is still asking questions begging for answers when this country will indeed be a blessing and become the Giant of Africa as it was before.



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