Mr. President! Is Your Attitude Worth Changing?

By: ‘Abimbola Adewole

‘You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you’

Everyone knows the basic cliché: These are parts of your life that you cannot control, but you can improve your attitude towards these events. You may not be able to control where you are born or who your family is. You may not be able to control your social-economic upbringing of the schools that you attended as a child. You may not be able to control the weather. Many life events occur that you are in no control over.

What you can control is your attitude. No matter what your upbringing, a position attitude can be in your future, and you can achieve the attitude change that will have you leading a better life.

Are you seeing the glass half full or half empty?

When you look at life you have two choices. You can see the glass as half full or half empty –indeed, you can choose to see Nigerian economy as you wish to see it, declining or appreciating.

Keeping a positive attitude like Mr. Buhari is easy when things are going well in the presidential villa. Business gurus are in the right position to share testimonies of how the principle of ‘Slow and Steady’ has helped them survive any economy in the world. A small firm with four employees that makes N450,000 and pays N220,000 monthly salaries, can obviously takes home N100,000 to share with his family and keep strategies for more revenue and not necessarily running faster than his shadow because he does not need to pay back any loan to run the new month.

Mr. President, our expectations are high, the streets are still dark, certificates are becoming bible and the creativity of an entrepreneur is already in the mug. When life isn’t smiling down upon job seekers and entrepreneurs, attitude changes. Stresses, anxiety, unfortunate circumstances, negative thought – all of these problems occupy their minds. A government can only assume how much of these negative thoughts will affect the bottom line economy in the future to come.

It is never polite, the last administration claim to have created over 3 million jobs and paraded thousands of entrepreneurs that benefited from the Bush-La-Bush schemes like sureP. Obviously nonsense, three weeks before the handling over, the figure immediately changed to 369,485 jobs in year 2014 (NBS). Meanwhile, the beneficiary of the scheme has suddenly disappeared with their losses and profits. Since job creation and entrepreneurship is the vein of any economy and billions of naira went into the scheme and didn’t created more jobs or improved the economic status of an average job seeker or entrepreneurs, let there be an audit of the job claims and all schemes, because i see no changes, all i see is total waste.

With the last administration, I hope the knife has not cut the baby and left her bleeding? PMB can only rescue the situation with a matter of urgency to awaken the jobless Nigerians and spur them again to resume thinking and reassure them of a true economical change. However, do consider a data approach, have a quarterly job review, redefine the problem of unemployment, create a system that reduces 4% unemployment rate yearly, put it to law and continue with your attitude, because only attitude can change everything now.

The most successful people in the world are not those that happened to be lucky in life. It is the people that got into a negative space, and rather than accept them they worked on changing attitudes and discovered the positivity inside. Job seekers believe in my Job show to have created employment for few since 2013, so we believe you Mr. Buhari – your attitude does no worth changing, rather worth changing the unemployment situation in Nigeria.

Life can be difficult for Job seekers and Entrepreneurs – Make It Better Mr. President.




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