Kenya – Grants Officer /Development Fellow

In Kenya, 30% of employers cited an inadequately skilled workforce as a major barrier to growth (WEF, 2017). The unfortunate reality in Kenya, and many parts of the developing world, is that the education system is not preparing youth with the soft skills they need to succeed in the workforce. As a result youth unemployment stands at 26.2% in Kenya (UNDP, 2018) — and these numbers do not even take into account youth that are underemployed or working in survival jobs.

How To Apply

Want to apply?

First, read this guide on how to submit your application and tips on our selection process:

Apply by filling out the application survey under this link:

You will be asked to upload your resume as part of the application form. Make sure it is in PDF format, no longer than 3 pages and relevant to this role.

You will be given the opportunity to submit writing samples as well. Make sure to submit at least 2 of the following 3. Please only upload documents in PDF format.  a) If you have authored a grant proposal by yourself in the past, please submit the proposal as a sample.  b) If you’re a fresh graduate, please submit an academic paper you wrote  c) Submit a piece you wrote that you’re proud of that moved someone to action.



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