From garage to warehouse

By: Abimbola Adewole

Virtually everybody will desire to meet David Oluseye Okeowo, a British-trained lawyer and electronic entrepreneur. Reason: he has a very interesting story. The story of David is like the fable tale of the biblical David who had to battle Goliath. Now 40 years plus, his story is that of survival. A native of Osun state and the third of six children, David’s parents were petty traders popularly called tokotaya (husband and wife).

Back in Nigeria, David attended University of Ilorin and later moved to United Kingdom for greener pastures. While there, he was able to further his education by taking a degree in law. After graduation from the University of Staffordshire, he decided to run a real estate business for four years. In 1995, he spoke with his younger brother at Fadeyi that he was sending an item to Lagos and he should look for a buyer. According to him, he said the item was $100 and when the brother sold it, it was sold with 100% profits. At that point, he knew this was business for him and he took the opportunity to invest his time and money. He came back to Nigeria to carry out a market survey. Subsequently, he got an apartment with a garage and traveled back to United Kingdom to buy used items and transport it to Nigeria for sales. Currently, the business is worth over 220 million in Nigeria.

People say, a good heart is the one that gives and touch lives, David does not only make money now, but also gives back to the society by paying tuition fees for high school students per term and also donates toys for nursery and primary school pupils quarterly. What else can we say for young starters, thinking you need millions of naira to start something? Think more and bring that idea to life.




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