A degree and your dream

By: Abimbola Adewole.

Most times in our lives, we strive daily to plan ahead of old age and imagine a luxury and comfortable life we wish to spend when the bones are weak and the hair involuntarily turns white.

Nothing has changed all I see is the same. From the east to west, north to south.

A graduate is a graduate regardless of the contents. However an African graduate will come out of the university and start learning how to write a CV/resume, but a Chinese graduate will already be writing out business plans to corporate bodies on how they can increase productivity.

Are they not holding the same first degree?  Hmmmm! something is fundamentally wrong with your mindset if you still breast feeding not to know.

My wife once said; it is a mindset that makes a local language graduate feels inferior to an English language graduate. They both do not know that, they are both language graduate and each language is needed and determined by request of a particular environment. They only need to be strategically positioned and search where their services are needed. It is very wrong to believe that you will be successful or get a dream job with your qualification without understanding the power of mindset.

Seventeen years ago, a young man graduated as an Architect, with so much hope to join an architectural firm and off course build a career in the field. It is sweet to dream, but highly frustrating to see yourself stagnant and never make a step closer to your dream. This is what I call “GOBE” and at this point anything becomes a choice for you. When the preferable is not available, the available becomes preferable. Your proud and self esteem dances away and humbled you to reality of life.

After searching for his desired job for 18months and nothing came up. He decided to search for any job but still didn’t get any job for 2 years. Off course, he was left with nothing but to accept his fate and began to appreciate movie theatres maybe the characters will make it happen.

Exactly 4yrs of his joblessness, he came across a newspaper where an oil and gas firm advertised to train school certificate holders and get employment immediately. He applied and went though the process of this internship. He got a full employment from the firm and presently at level sixteen.  You may want to ask the following questions;

Did he eventually work with his architectural degree?

Did he finally go back to his architectural love?

As individual, graduate or entrepreneur, we need to evaluate our dream, analyze our weaknesses, our strengths, take charge, follow the principles and be ready for all opportunity that knocks. You never can tell the speech that will give a standing ovation in life.

Regardless of your occupation, your success is determined by what you make of it, not the job itself.





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